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Account Reconciliation Services

Timely reconciliation of your accounts is one of the best methods for detecting fraud on your accounts. We have the solutions to help you save time and automate this task.

The Solution:

Our Account Reconciliation Services through Business Online Banking offer flexible options to save you time and money with reconciling your account activity, and deposits from multiple locations.


  • Save time with an automated account reconciliation process.
  • Detect and report fraudulent items faster.
  • Save money by eliminating additional accounts for multiple locations.


Full Reconciliation – We can do the account reconciliation for you.  You provide us with the list of checks you’ve issued for the reconciliation period; we match the paid items and provide the following account reconciliation reports:

  • Outstanding issues - checks that have not been paid. 
  • Exceptions - paid checks that differ from their related issues 
  • Paid matched items - checks that cleared successfully without any exceptions 
Partial Reconciliation – Need a statement cycle other than month-end?  This service provides a report/statement for a customized or month end reconciliation cycle.  You will receive an Account Balance Summary and Statement of Activity report for each statement cycle. 
Deposit Reconciliation – Have multiple locations? Deposit Reconciliation enables multiple locations to deposit into a single account.  A unique code for each location is printed on the deposit tickets and captured when the deposits are processed. At the end of the statement cycle, you will receive Activity by Location reports.

For more information, call our Treasury Solutions team at 1.866.833.0050. We look forward to working with you.