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Business and Payments Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention

Running your business finances smoothly involves more than staying on top of payables and receivables. Preventing fraud and mitigating risk are critical. Implement business risk mitigates through added controls, plus monitoring and reconciling accounts.

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Solutions to Help Prevent Fraud

Reconcile Account Transactions

Fraud Prevention Video

Fraud Prevention Video

Key Takeaways:

  1. Business Email Compromise, payment fraud targeted through email, is a critical channel to protect.  This is especially true for employees who have access to banking information.  Ensure your team verifies requests for payment. Verify email addresses, identities and URLs. 
  2. Reporting fraud quickly is important for adequate remediation, protecting you from further losses and possibly tracking down fraudsters and funds. 
  3. Protect yourself from computer intrusion and ransomware.  Put in place processes, Information Technology resources, software and training. 
  4. Any and all of your devices can contribute to your information security.  Be aware of what you’re doing, through what devices and where you are.