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Sweep Services

The Solution:

The sweep service automatically moves funds between your checking account and sweep alternative to earn income or minimize interest expense using your operating cash.


  • Achieve profits on your working capital funds.
  • Save time by eliminating manual account transfers.
  • Maintain liquidity and stability of principal.
  • Reduce idle balances with efficient money management.
You may choose from the following sweep alternatives:

Repurchase Agreement Sweep

Excess balances are invested in a repurchase agreement. The repurchase agreements are 100% collateralized with government securities of the following types:

  • Securities which are direct obligations of, or obligations guaranteed by the United States government.
  • Securities which are issued or guaranteed by corporations in which the United States has a direct or indirect interest and which are designated by the Secretary of the Treasury for exemption as necessary or appropriate in the public interest or for the protection of investors.
  • Securities issued or guaranteed as to principal or interest by any corporation the securities of which are designated, by statute specifically naming such corporation, to constitute exempt securities within the meaning of the laws administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Confirmation of Transactions

Statements/Confirmations will be sent daily. The confirmation will identify the specific securities that are subject to the transaction including issuer, maturity date, coupon rate, par amount, market value, purchase date, repurchase date, and applicable interest rate. Interest is accrued on a daily basis and is credited monthly on the last business day of each month.

Repurchase Agreement Sweep is not FDIC insured, and funds are swept into an investment backed by securities. The asset and returns are fully dependent on the underlying securities and can fluctuate.


Sweep to Loan

Connect your Revolving Line of Credit to your Checking Account to automatically pay down or advance from your line of credit with excess available balances.

Additional limitations and requirements may apply. For more information about Sweep Services, call our Treasury Solutions team at 1.866.833.0050.