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Having trouble signing in? These tips might help:

Online Banking Sign In

Do you have your login credentials?

During enrollment, you will have created or received a login ID and password to use when signing in. Business users also receive a Company ID. Didn't get an email notification? First, check your spam folder for an email from First Merchants. If you still can't find it, your email address may have been entered incorrectly. Give us a call at 1.800.205.3464 and we'll help you get signed in.

If you did receive login instructions but are still having trouble, we've identified a few common issues below - please try these solutions before calling us!

Are you signing in to the correct system?

Personal Online Banking users should sign in using their First Merchants mobile app or the sign-in box at If you were given a Company ID, you are a Business Online Banking user; select Business Online Banking from the box's dropdown menu to begin the login process.

Are you using the correct ID and the correct case?

Your ID is case sensitive. Check to make sure you've not inadvertently capitalized the first letter of your ID or turned on your caps lock function, and that any letters are entered in the correct case.

Make sure not to enter a temporary password as your Login ID. Instead, enter your ID in the login box and click “Sign In.” During your first login on each device, you should then be asked to authenticate yourself using a one-time security code.

If, during sign-in, you see authentication phone numbers that are not yours, you may have entered your ID incorrectly.

Are you entering your password correctly?

Passwords are case sensitive and must include at least a letter and a number. Check to make sure you've not inadvertently capitalized the first letter of your password or turned on your caps lock function, that any letters are entered in the correct case, and you've followed any onscreen requirements when selecting a permanent password.

Have you been locked out of the system?

If you enter your password incorrectly five times, you will be locked out of the Online Banking system. If this happens, please call Customer Service at 1.800.205.3464 to reset your password.

Are you having trouble authenticating yourself?

For security reasons, you may only select a phone number we have on file to use for authentication. If you don't recognize any of the numbers presented, you may have entered your login ID incorrectly; you can try entering it again, making sure to use the correct case, before calling us. Please call Customer Service at 1.800.205.3464 to update your contact information if a valid phone number is not displayed or is incorrect. 

Learn More: Want to learn about how to make a payment, create alerts, and more? Take a look at our online quick start guides for additional information about Online Banking or Business Online Banking. Once you're signed in, you'll also have access to a detailed Help resource - just Click 'Help'.

Mobile Banking:

First Login: Before you can use Mobile and Text Banking, you must first download our app from or the app store. If you prefer to use Text Banking (personal users only), you can activate via the Mobile Banking Center within Online Banking.

Incorrect credentials: Temporary passwords are not valid in Mobile Banking; you must update the temporary password provided to you within Online Banking first.

Personal/Business App: We have separate apps for business and personal users. Make sure you've downloaded the correct app. Our app for personal users has a gold shield and white background and is called “FMB Banking.” Our app for businesses has a black shield and gold background.

Text Banking short code: Our text banking service uses short code 49794, and is available for 'personal' Mobile Banking users only. You must activate text banking on your device using the Mobile Banking Center in Online Banking.

One-Time Password: During your first login to Mobile Web or Mobile App on each device, you'll be asked to enter a one-time password (OTP), which will be sent to the phone number associated with your account. You must enter the correct code before you can access your accounts.

Experiencing Other Issues?

  • We have an extensive list of frequently asked questions and their answers that may help.
  • Customer Service can be reached at 1.800.205.3464, or [email protected]
  • Business users can reach Business Solutions at 1.866.833.0050.
  • If you're experiencing issues getting through to us, we apologize. You may prefer to visit or call a nearby banking center.