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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness Tools and Education

When we talk about financial wellness, we mean trading stress and anxiety for security and financial well-being. It’s about equipping you with the right tools and guidance to determine where your finances stand today and where you want to head in the future. It’s about helping you prosper. 

Whether you're a parent packing your child off to college or a recent graduate preparing for your next chapter, First Merchants Financial Wellness and our attentive bankers will help support you as you prepare, grow, and prosper. 


Become a Lifelong Learner

Growing and learning are a part of life – that’s why we’ve created a comprehensive Financial Wellness program to help you prepare for your next step, whatever it might be. 


Learn and Grow

  • Bring Our Bankers to Your Group: Our attentive and knowledgeable bankers partner with nonprofits, community groups and workplaces to bring resources and financial guidance to our clients and community members. 


Build Your Toolbox
  • Personal Finance Tool: Know where you stand with our free Personal Finance tool – a fully customizable one-stop shop for planning, budgeting, and taking control of your finances. 
  • Financial Calculators: Assess and plan your future with our comprehensive library of financial calculators. Compare savings accounts, tally your mortgage payment, or plan your retirement!


Take the Next Step