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Why Choose First Merchants

Your bank account may be a number, but you're not. You're a lot more than that. You're a friend and a family member. A business owner and a savvy investor. A hard worker and a life-long learner. A person who's saving for your dreams and helping others achieve theirs. And you deserve an attentive bank that listens and cares for every side of your financial wellness.

At First Merchants Bank, our attentive bankers see more than the numbers. We see you. All of you. For your business and personal financial goals—First Merchants Bank is helping you prosper.

Our Philosophy to Help You Prosper

We're Here to Help you Prosper

FMB-Teammates2023 Diverse group of teammates posing for photo during a company event."Helping You Prosper" is not just our tagline - it's our business and has been for 130+ years. We are an attentive, nimble, talented team genuinely driven to help each of our clients flourish. Whether you're starting a family or starting a business, we're here for you.

Our mission and vision are the guidepost that empowers us to a higher service standard.

Our Mission

To be the most attentive, knowledgeable, and high-performing bank for our clients, teammates, and shareholders.

Our Vision

To enhance the financial wellness of the diverse communities we serve.

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Get an Attentive Banker

Service and Services That Stand Apart

First Merchants is more than a bank—we’re your partners. We understand and anticipate your needs. We act in your best interests and offer relevant solutions. And of course, we always keep our promises.

Our Community Impact

Our team members embrace service as a way of life. We are attentive and committed to helping our communities prosper through various avenues — including volunteerism, philanthropic initiatives, local sponsorships, and donations. Our approach is authentic — driven by care and a collaborative spirit. Discover more about our impactful contributions to the community.

Learn About Community Impact

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Our History

Attentive service and local decision-making have been our pillars for growth since our story began in 1893. Learn about our past; we'll help you build a brighter future.


Get the Details

First Merchants Bank Main Office in the late 1800s / early 1900s.

Join Our Team

We are fortunate to be a diverse team of authentic, driven, and collaborative individuals. We are always eager to meet attentive career-seekers who are passionate about helping others succeed, finding innovative solutions to complex challenges, working hard, and supporting their community.

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