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Receivables Management

Collecting payments and managing receivables can be a time-consuming process for any business. It doesn’t have to be. Ensure that customers can pay without jumping through hoops. Manage incoming funds and create efficiency through the right solutions so your team can spend time on running the business.

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Electronic and Card Receivables

When done properly, card and electronic payments can be among the fastest and most efficient business receivables out there. Discuss your business needs with Treasury Management to see what’s right for you.

Check Receivables

Checks are very labor and time-intensive to process. Paper processes often are. Reduce time spent and operational risk of check payments received from customers. Explore solutions like Lockbox and Remote Deposit Capture.

Cash Receivables

Receiving cash payments from customers can be great, but handling, transporting, and depositing them can be a hassle. Cash also comes with its own risks, such as counterfeiting, embezzlement, loss, and theft. We can help through our Cash Vault and SmartSafe services

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Cash Vault