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How do I switch or change my checking account to First Merchants Bank? It's easy when you follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Open your new account.

Open a new checking account online or stop by in person at one of our banking center locations.

Step 2: Balance your old account and stop using it.

Let all outstanding checks clear and leave enough to cover any automatic payments that may still clear. See the Account Balance Worksheet or one of our professionals for assistance. Cancel and cut up your ATM /Debit card. You will also want to shred your old deposit slips and checks.

Step 3: Switch automatic payments and deposits.

Identify any direct deposits, automatic withdrawals and automatic payments linked to your account. See the Automatic Transfer Checklist. To redirect your automatic payments complete and mail an Automatic Payment Change or Direct Deposit Change Notice for each vendor. If you’d like assistance, we’d be happy to help.

Step 4: Close old bank accounts.

Once your checks have cleared and your automatic payments have been changed to your new First Merchants Bank account, fill out and sign the Request to Close Account form. 

Step 5: Activate the free features of your account.

Now that your account is all set up don't forget to activate all of the features of your checking account. Click here for your new account checklist. Here are a few benefits you may want to start right away.

If you would like assistance completing any of this process just stop in one of our banking centers or call 1-800-205.3464 and one of our personal bankers can help!

To print out a complete switch kit click here.

For more information on this or other products and services contact us.

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