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Tyler Shawgo

Tyler Shawgo - Banking Center Manager, Grabill



There’s always more to discover in your local community – Maybe it’s a new restaurant, a hidden treasure, a beautiful view. Or maybe it’s even a new passion.

That’s what happened to Tyler Shawgo, Banking Center Manager of our Grabill, Indiana location. Tyler grew up in the Fort Wayne area – not too far from the quiet farming community of Grabill – and even got a head-start on his banking career there.

“My mom worked at the local community bank in Grabill, and when I graduated high school in 2007, I got a job at the operations center stuffing statements into envelopes,” Tyler recalled. “I did odd jobs for a bit and then worked as a night teller there while pursuing my degree at the local college.”

By 2012, Tyler joined First Merchants and landed a job as the Banking Center Manager at our Dupont Road location in Fort Wayne – just a short jog away from where he’d grown up. It was in this role that he discovered new facets of his community and uncovered new passions.

“As a banking center manager, I worked closely with the local Salvation Army chapter from a business standpoint, but then I got invited to actually go out and see the work they were doing,” Tyler shared.

The result was life changing.

“I went out and observed and helped out in their programs for about a week and I was hooked,” he said.

Now, Tyler serves on the Salvation Army’s Advisory Board, and also works with another local organization, the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission. The Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization providing restorative care to men, women, and children experiencing a homeless crisis in Allen County, Ind. Each Tuesday, Tyler heads out to the Rescue Mission to teach classes on financial wellness. The course is six weeks long, and Tyler estimates he runs about four or five such units each year.

“We start talking about what people value and how to align those values and set goals to going into credit, budgeting, fraud, and banking,” Tyler explained. “It’s really an incredible experience. I’ve been doing this for several years now and there hasn’t been a week that hasn’t had an amazing success story or someone sharing how the program – both the financial wellness course and the Rescue Mission program – has changed their life.”

Now, Tyler’s career has come full circle as he heads up the banking center in Grabill, back where it all started. But there, too, he’s uncovered something new.

“In the past year or so I’ve found a passion for coaching my colleagues,” Tyler shared. “Having the opportunity to grow a team and see them become successful and help them go above and beyond is the highlight of my day, now.”

When it comes to coaching, Tyler brings the full breadth of his banking experience to bear.

“I think I have a little bit of an advantage doing everything in the consumer space,” he said. “And I enjoy taking the things I’ve learned over the years from different positions and just helping people if they’re struggling. I enjoy being able to sit and be a resource, and to watch the team grow.”

In his spare time, Tyler enjoys the sport of Curling, rebuilding a classic Miata, and cycling with his wife of 11 years, Karen.

When it comes to finding your own passion, Tyler’s advice is simple:

“If you have the opportunity to try something out, just go ahead and set aside the time, even if you’re not sure you can do it,” he said. “Finding time is one of the biggest roadblocks to giving back – so just go ahead and set aside that time and go once. Just go once and see how things grow.”


First Merchants Bank’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility compels us to invest in our communities by finding ways to reduce inequalities, improve the quality of our neighborhoods, and promote positive economic mobility though our five community pillars: Employee Empowerment; Community Investments and Charitable Giving; Financial Wellness; Community Home Lending; and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. This series features First Merchants teammates who embody the spirit and impact of the company’s Vision: “to enhance the financial wellness of the diverse communities we serve.”