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Opening an account online is simple and fast at First Merchants Bank

Between work and home life, it can be tough to find time to visit a bank and open a new account.

Fortunately, with First Merchants it’s easier than ever to open an account entirely online. From start to finish, opening a personal checking or savings account through the First Merchants website or mobile app can be done in just a few minutes.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Gather the documents you’ll need. Before you open an account online, you’ll need a few documents on hand. These include documents that can verify your identity, such as a valid driver’s license, passport or other government-issued ID. To open an account, you’ll also need to know your U.S. Social Security number, as well as your U.S. citizenship or resident alien status.

Before you can finalize your online account, you’ll need a way to make an initial deposit. If you are a current First Merchants customer, you can do this by transferring money from your existing account. You can also fund your new account by connecting an account from another bank or with a debit or credit card.

Choose the account type that suits your needs. First Merchants offers a range of checking and savings account types designed to fulfill different needs. Before you open an online account, you should choose the option that is best for you. If you need more than one account, you can apply for multiple products at the same time.

Our accounts include the following:

  • Personal Checking Account: Checking accounts are helpful for everyday banking and purchases. Checking accounts can be used to deposit paychecks, withdraw cash and pay bills. Our checking accounts offer multiple ways to access your money, including a Mastercard® Debit Card with identity theft protection, personal checks and a network of over 25,000 ATMs.
  • Personal Savings Account: Our savings accounts offer a safe place to store money and earn interest on your savings. First Merchants offers tiered interest rates depending on your account balance, and monthly service fees are waived for users who maintain a minimum balance of $300. You can also waive the fee by enrolling in eStatements. Savings accounts are a great way to build an emergency fund, too.
  • Certificate of Deposit (CD): CDs are an excellent option for individuals seeking a way to invest their money and earn higher interest than other savings accounts. First Merchants offers a variety of terms on CDs to help you achieve your savings goals.
  • Money Market Savings Account: A money market fund is a type of savings account that offers higher interest rates with the convenience of check writing and ATMs to access your money when you need it.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA): A Health Savings Account is a tax-advantaged investment account for individuals and families who are enrolled in a high deductible health care plan.*

Tell us about yourself. To open an account online, we’ll need a little information from you. Required details include your name, date of birth, social security number, physical address and phone number. Current First Merchants customers can save time on this step. Now, we can verify your identity and prefill parts of the application using the information we have on file.

Make your initial deposit. Regardless of the type of account you open, you’ll need to make an opening deposit. This deposit amount will vary depending on the type of account you open. You can fund your account by connecting an account from another bank, or using a debit or credit card. This process is even simpler for current First Merchants customers, who can easily transfer money from their existing checking or savings account directly into their new account.

Enroll in Online Banking. Online Banking is a simple and streamlined way to access your bank account. Using First Merchants Online Banking, you can check your account balance, view statements, transfer funds and pay your bills online at any time. You can also use it to set up account alerts, order checks and more. Visit our Online Banking Guide for help setting up your account.

Read, sign and submit. Lastly, you’ll need to read the terms and conditions, virtually sign your name and submit the form. From there, we’ll review your account and alert you of your approval status.

Take advantage of all the digital tools and benefits that come with a First Merchants account. All First Merchants customers gain access to our digital tools. With the First Merchants Mobile App, you can do your banking wherever and whenever you please. The app averages 4.8 stars on the Apple App Store and 4.5 stars on the Google Play Store. Using the app, you can deposit checks, check your balance, view recent activity, turn your debit card on or off if lost or stolen, schedule bill payments, pay friends with Zelle and more. And if you ever want to talk to a banking expert in person, you’ll have access to over 100 First Merchants banking centers.

Open an Account Online Today!


*Please consult a tax advisor, limitations apply.