The Long View - Client Testimonials

The Long View 2022 Business Vision: Client Testimonials

Our team of private wealth advisors is here to ensure your legacy lives on.

We are excited to welcome Hoosier Trust Company and their clients into First Merchants in 2021.

As our financial situation has changed, they keep offering the right people and resources. They’ve adjusted as we’ve adjusted, and we have a high level of comfort with them. Mike Daugherty, Jamie Wright and Nancy Leming, they’re our gurus when it comes to figuring out investment strategies. And they make it really easy. They come to our house, we meet every quarter and we’ve just become very good friends.
Jerry & Peg Jones - Clients Since 2017

Everyone has always been very supportive. I’ve been through some pretty emotional things over the years and the people I work with, Kassie Nipper and Lee Shirley, were always very understanding and accommodating. I would have questions when I didn’t understand something and they were very good at explaining and simplifying.
Marji McIntyre - Client Since 1980

I’ve managed my personal finances and investments myself and that worked well over the years, but as I approach retirement age I recognize I won’t be able to do it for long. I thought I might have difficulty letting somebody else manage, but after talking with John Lundy and Dave Pfeiffer and just getting a comfort level with them and their approach about things, it became very easy to let loose of that. And it’s reassuring to have more than one person handling our portfolio. It’s more comprehensive and covers a wider scope. They reviewed our estate plan, caught some things and made some adjustments. They delivered and served our initial need, but then provided so much more.
Gary & Janis Brinkoetter - Clients Since 2019