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Solutions in Focus

"We hope you see the Long View as the positive encouragement and conscientious well-wishes we extend to each of our Private Wealth clients. We believe that attentive interactions with clients, teammates, and communities uplift our spirits and help us focus on the things that matter most – perseverance, compassion, and the adaptive human spirit. Our team wishes you success in the coming year as we work eve ry day to help you prosper."

MICHAEL JOYCE - President, Private Wealth Advisors



OUR TEAM CRAFTS THOUGHTFUL, well-reasoned strategies within our core services of investment management, financial and estate planning, private banking, fiduciary administration, and retirement plan services. Working closely with our clients, our over 100 professionals advise on assets in excess of $6 billion.

In 2023, we’ll continue providing those same strategies, but with three key expansions of our offerings:


Business owners have been a core focus of our advisory team for decades. In 2023, we’ll continue to enhance those services. For some, our assistance may simply be beginning the conversation about wealth management. For others, we might start the earliest preparations for selling the business while planning for this transitional stage in the owner’s life. No matter where an owner is in the process, our advisors can ready them for the next steps.


In the coming year, we will also heighten our attention to professional services clients in fields like medicine, engineering, architecture, law, accounting, and finance. Part of this expansion will include targeted credit solutions specifically designed to allow professionals to build their optimal personal balance sheet earlier in their careers.


In 2023, we’ll continue our focus on the next generation of our existing client relationships. This group possesses a broad range of financial acumen and knowledge. At the same time, our advisors meet clients wherever they are in their personal journey. Whether through an initial extension of credit to purchase a first home or starting to assemble a financial plan to account for varied sources of wealth in the future, our team of advisors focuses on targeted and relevant advice inside the backdrop of intergenerational wealth transfer.



Director, Client Development

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"We’re helping business owners and their families get ready for the next stage in life. We discuss their current situation and goals for the future. We then engage in in-depth conversations to help them prepare. Whether they’ll be passing the business on to a family member, selling to a strategic buyer, or weighing a private equity arrangement, we’ll help them begin laying the groundwork."




Financial and Estate Planning and Fiduciary Services

  • Often overlooked area of personal financial management but one of the most important
  • Individual consultations
  • Customized strategies and solutions
  • If desired, our team will work with your advisors:
    • Attorneys
    • Accountants
    • Other on whom you rely

Investment Management

  • After consultation, personal investment policy statements are developed
  • Tailored portfolios created to meet client needs and goals
  • Fiduciary responsibility maintained
  • Diversified equity and fixed income portfolio management available
  • Access to portfolio research and management teams
  • Fee-based management and disciplined buy and sell philosophy

Corporate Retirement Plan Services

  • One of the most important benefits to offer your employees
  • Plans available for any size of business
  • Can initiate a plan or transfer an existing plan to our experts
  • Our team will help you determine the best plan for your business
  • Advantages of a retirement plan include:
    • Potential employer tax benefits
    • Attract/retain quality employees
    • Provide secure retirement for employers/employees

Private Banking

  • Exclusive banking services for clients
  • Personal cash management with preferred depository accounts
  • Custom financing, including:
    • Lines of credit
    • Home equity lines of credit
    • Specialized mortgages
    • Financing for personal and professional investment




Director, Private Banking

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"Our physician lending program really complements the work we do with attorneys, CPA firms, financial firms, and professionals in engineering and architecture. We can work with and advise doctors, whether practicing fresh out of residency or at a more advanced stage in their professional growth."


Managing Director, Wealth Management

Contact Audrey

"Working with beneficiaries and the next generation, we are helpful to those who may be inexperienced with wealth of their own. Perhaps they’ve been around wealth, but their experience is not firsthand. When someone receives an inheritance, we can help them continue the legacy intended for them. We can help them make the most of their wealth and plan. We help those who are building inheritances for their families with tax strategies and gifting strategies as well. These aspects are crucial when considering how to transfer wealth to the next generation."