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Can I see images of my deposit tickets?
How do I sign in to other online services, like remote deposit or merchant services?
  • From, simply select the correct service from the sign in box’s dropdown menu. You’ll be taken to that service’s sign in page to begin the login process.

What page should I bookmark to sign in?
  • We recommend you bookmark to take full advantage of our integrated sign in box and to access the rest of our online content.

What is the “One-Time Security Code” needed to log in?
  • The One-Time Security Code will be required the first time you log in to the system and each time you log in with a different device. You will be prompted to initiate a phone call or text and receive a one-time code that you will input to access the system.

    • We recommend using the Phone option the first time you log in. Select a phone number and click Continue. The system will display a code that you will provide either verbally or with your phone's keypad when the call is received.
    • If you choose the Text message option, you will enter the one-time code in Business Online Banking that will be sent in a text from Short Code 32858.
Can I use Business Online Banking to pay my First Merchants Loan?
  • Yes, under the “Money Movement” option, choose “Loan”. Click the loan account you wish to pay and select an action from the payment options on the right of the screen.

Can I try out Business Online banking before enrolling?
How secure is my account information with Business Online Banking?
  • Business Online Banking is equipped with layered security and Out-of-Band Authentication to help mitigate both internal and external fraud. You are protected at login and when you initiate a transaction.  Please visit our Security Center for additional information.

    First Merchants Bank or any of its divisions, will not contact you via email, phone, or other means and request confidential information.

Where do I log in to Business Online Banking?
  • From, select Business Online Banking from the dropdown menu in the login box to begin the login process. If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll see mobile login options as well. 

How much account history is available?
  • Up to 18 months of transaction history is available in Business Online Banking. You can access account history and search transactions with the Reports/Activity-deposit accounts function.
Can I send and receive messages in Business Online Banking?
  • The “Contact Us” feature under the Administration tab allows you to send/ receive secure messages to/from the bank. You can submit requests to add or delete accounts, maintenance, photocopy requests, etc.

What types of accounts can be accessed on Business Online Banking?
  • Checking, Savings, Loan and CD accounts are available on Business Online Banking.

How do I get assistance with Business Online Banking?
  • Many questions can be answered by clicking on the “How do I…”, “Terms”, or “FAQs” links at the bottom of each page or call Treasury Solutions at 1.866.833.0050 for assistance.

What is the cutoff time for internal bank transfers?
  • Account to Account Transfers will be posted as pending transactions when initiated. Transfers initiated prior to 9 p.m. ET will be effective the same business day. Transfers initiated after 9 p.m. ET will be effective the next business day.

What if I lock myself out of my account?
  • If you enter your password incorrectly three times, you will be temporarily locked out of the Business Online Banking system. Please call Treasury Solutions at 1.866.833.0050 to reset your password.

What are the Business Bill Pay limits?
  • Transaction Limits are as follows: $10,000 for single payment, $20,000 daily limit.

The phone number listed for the One-Time Security Code is not a valid number.
  • If the phone number(s) presented are not valid, please contact Treasury Solutions at 1.866.833.0050 to update your phone number(s).