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Identify First Merchants Text Messages

How to Determine if a Text is from First Merchants Bank

While it’s good to be wary of unsolicited links and SMS messages, text is also a vital tool First Merchants Bank may employ to provide services such as account alerts, one-time authentication codes, and text banking.

Graphic of First Merchants Bank phone displaying a text code

So – how do you know if a text is safe?

Like many financial institutions, First Merchants Bank uses consistent “short codes” – abbreviated phone numbers that are five or six digits long and are unique to the sender – to reach out to customers. Unlike ten-digit phone numbers, short codes are more difficult for scammers to spoof, so they are more trustworthy. The code or number may be different depending on the content of the text or the reason behind the message – but you can be assured that our SMS messages employ the same safety and security you’ve come to rely on for your banking needs.

You can double check any text or SMS message you receive against our short codes below to verify that a link or alert was sent by First Merchants.

Key tip to make it easier to recognize these codes:

Please save these short codes as a contact(s) on your phone under a recognizable name so you'll instantly know when a text message is from First Merchants.

First Merchants Bank Short Codes:

86975 – Debit Card Fraud Alert

You will receive a one-time notification from this number alerting you to suspicious activity on your debit card. If you receive a text from this number, we encourage you to log in to your online banking portal or to contact customer care via the number listed on our website.

86434 – Secure Access Codes and Alert Notifications

You will receive one-time notifications from this number with a secure access code as part of our multi-factor authentication process. You may also receive general alerts from this number.

49797 – Mobile and Online Banking Account Information, Alerts, and Mobile App Notifications

You will receive occasional account alerts and general online and mobile app notifications from this number – including account activity, new messages, and other information.

49794 – Business Text Banking

You will receive alerts from this number when you interact with our Business Text Banking services.

226563 – Personal Text Banking

You will receive alerts from this number when you interact with our Text Banking services.

77972 – Personalized Mobile Feed

Alerts from this number contain links to your personalized content, which includes helpful information about personal finance management, valuable offers, current scams, and more!

20736 – Zelle® Notification

You will receive one-time alerts from this number while using Zelle®. These alerts may include sending and receiving confirmations, Zelle® account balances, or other relevant information.

75243 – Connecting External Accounts with Plaid

You will receive one-time verification codes from this number when you add external accounts to your mobile or online banking dashboard using Plaid.

57358 – Account Opening

When you open a new account, you will receive one-time text alerts and verification codes from this number.

63018 – Business Online Banking password resets

You will receive one-time texts from this number when you request a password reset for your business accounts.

32858 – Business Online Banking login updates

You will receive one-time texts from this number to confirm each online banking account login.