Scott Falconer

Scott Falconer - Mortgage Banker, Detroit, MI

Scott Falconer - Mortgage Banker, Detroit, MI



When Scott Falconer joined the banking industry in 1999, he saw a need.

“At the time, Detroit was really, really struggling. We’re talking you could get a brick house for $25,000, and there were tons of foreclosures,” he recalled. “And it was also common for loan officers to be paid based on the size of a particular loan – so a lot of customers in the area were suffering and had difficulty getting a loan officer to help them purchase a house because of that.”

Scott was fresh on the scene – he had never worked in the financial field before and had just joined an area bank as a loan officer.

“I was hired on the spot, no training, no nothing,” he shared.

But he could see that something had to change. So Scott began advocating with his then-employer to create a position that specifically catered to homebuyers seeking smaller loans – this would revolutionize the market and make it possible for lower- and middle-income buyers the chance to build financial stability and equity through homeownership.

“Thankfully, they agreed with me – and that’s when I became a community reinvestment loan officer,” he shared.

It’s a role he still serves in today, as Mortgage Banker with First Merchants Bank. Today, he works on much more than just closing loans – he also helps clients prepare for the loan process, so that they’ll be able to secure the capital they need when the time comes.

“I help them with credit repair, I try to get them downpayment assistance or closing grants – whatever they need to help them get into a house,” he explained. “I work pretty closely with nonprofits in this because we both have the same goal: We want to help that client who never thought homeownership was possible find their forever house.”

It’s been over 20 years, but this vital work is still his passion.

“I think that there’s really nothing better than going to a closing on someone who is a first-time homebuyer that never thought they’d own a house,” he said. “Now they’re creating wealth, they’re creating a place to stay, a safe place where their family can live – I just think it’s such a humbling thing to be able to be a partner on that journey.”

In his spare time, Scott volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, and teaches financial education classes in and around the Detroit Metro Area.

“We cover everything from homebuyer education to credit repair to budgeting to foreclosure prevention,” he shared. “Whatever topic is needed based on the area, the housing market trend, and the current state of the economy – we really want to give people the tools they need when they need them. For example, homebuyer education isn’t going to be much help with you and everyone you know are just trying to hang onto your house.”

Above all, Scott strives to be a good neighbor – to his clients and to his community at large. And he encourages others to do the same.

“Spend a little bit of time per month, or per quarter, or per year, just getting out and helping people – even if it’s someone you don’t know – whether that’s getting involved with a non-profit, doing a team volunteer day, making someone meals, or helping someone down the street clean their yard,” he said. “It’s such a good feeling to help your neighbors and your community prosper, and I think it’s something everyone should do.”


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