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First Merchants Remote Deposit Capture Required Site Survey

Please complete the information below, which is part of our required site survey for remote deposit capture clients.

All Remote Deposit Capture scanning equipment is located in a secure area.
All Remote Deposit Capture deposits are reconciled via Online Banking within 10 days of the deposit date to verify deposits.
Computer equipment used to operate Remote Deposit Capture software is regularly updated and patched for security (including used of and updating of operating system, browser, firewall, virus protection, malware protection, anti-spam protection, etc.)
Appropriate steps are taken to ensure that all Remote Deposit Capture User ID's and Passwords issued to your employees are protected and kept confidential.
All Remote Deposit service users at your organization use their own unique User ID and Password combination to access the service.
All staff understands the need for proper user security, password controls, and separation of duties.
All checks scanned are original items, payable to the business named above. The endorsement function (either inkjet printing or franking) is maintained to function properly.
Images of each deposit made with Remote Deposit Capture are reviewed internally prior to transmission to ensure the highest quality images.
Original checks are secured in a locked location after being scanned.
Original checks are physically destroyed after being held for at least 60 days, but not more than 90 days.