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Publishing Card- the One Card does it all

Managing all of your purchasing, travel & entertainment and vendor payments can be very time consuming.  Not to mention how challenging and costly keeping track and paper processing can be.  The good news is we have a simple solution that may be right for you – the One card can do it all.


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Consolidate your purchasing, Travel & Entertainment, and vendor payments.

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Manage Payables.

Optimize cash flow and manage accounts payable in one place.

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Manage Risk.

Improve your risk profile with controls, oversight and liability protection.

Overcome challenges - a comprehensive card program


First Merchants Bank Business Risk

Mitigate fraud, liability and operational risks

  • Visa Liability Waiver Protection - $100,000 protection, per instance of misuse by employees
  • Corporate and individual billing with corporate liability protection. Manage expenses and hold employees accountable
  • Audit functionality. Mitigate control related risk with reporting to ensure adherence to policy.
  • Payment analytics. Customizable rule templates allow transaction reviews and flagging card misuse and out-of-policy spending

First Merchants Bank Purchasing Card Controls and Transparency

Improve controls and transparency xxxxxxxx

  • Authorization system & cardholder controls. Manage where cards are used and limit company exposure
  • Account setup & maintenance. Manage and control accounts in real time
  • Reporting & transaction detail. Get all data needed to measure card program performance and streamline expense reporting
  • Get the details on how you can manage expenses through Visa IntelliLink

First Merchants Bank Sponsor Finance Paper Processing

Streamline costly and time-consuming processing

  • Integrate accounting & financial systems. Eliminate manual processes, data entry, filing
  • No annual fee, no hidden charges, rebates for qualifying organizations
  • End-to-end program management strategies customized for greatest cost savings and improved efficiencies
  • Supplier management solutions. Develop opportunities with strategic suppliers.

Explore all the One Card benefits

Ready to learn more about our Purchasing Card solution?  You can read more in this detailed pdf

When you’re ready, we’re here to help.

Contact Treasury Solutions or your local Treasury Management Officer to see if a Purchasing Card could be right for you.  You can also submit a form here, and we’ll contact you.