Building Strong Local Business and Communities Since 1893

For more than a century, we’ve been a proud partner to business owners throughout our local communities with our signature combination of vast financial resources and personal, local service.

We've always offered powerful financial resources, but our successful partnerships go much deeper. We instill confidence in business owners by making our decisions in the places they call home. We empower and guide them with the expert, personalized service they need. And we build strong, personal relationships around a common goal to see their businesses thrive and grow.

Over generations, we've helped local businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators realize their dreams because we believe that strong businesses create strong communities.

It's why First Merchants is open for business ... your business.

Powerful Business Solutions From A-to-Z

No matter if you're looking for easier, more cost-effective ways to manage funds or in need of the personal guidance and resources to help grow your business, you can count on First Merchants for a wide array of business-tested solutions and expert advice to help your business operate efficiently as well as reach its maximum potential. Our A-to-Z solutions include:

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