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Reliable Transportation Specialists at a Glance

Company Name

Reliable Transportation Specialists


Chesterton, Indiana

Year Founded




Market Reach

Midwest and Southeast

Recent Growth

Partnered with truck-leasing company to add drivers


A smarter solution. We made it happen.

Kevin Lhotak

President, Reliable Transportation Specialists

Chesterton, Indiana

I've seen my fair share of mergers. It's likely to happen if you stick with the same banking experts for years. When I followed senior vice president Scott Steinwart and vice president Scott Casbon to Citizens Financial Bank, and moved all of my personal and business accounts, I knew of a possible merger with First Merchants Bank. Not only was it the smoothest transition I've ever had, but their newly available services will help me retain and attract top employees.

My dad and I began Reliable Transportation Specialists, a truck dispatching company, on April 1, 1986. Two fools on April Fools' Day, as I like to joke. Since then, we’ve delivered freight of all kinds from Midwest rail hubs and southeastern port cities. After previous mergers, some banks bogged down my people with busywork or took months for approvals. Citizens only gave me trust, urgency and attention. First Merchants has, too, and the changeover was extremely smooth because they share the same values and principles.

Any hiccups were minor and immediately addressed. I didn’t have to retrain anyone on what my company does. And during a recent lunch with regional president Daryl Pomranke, he asked what they could do better. I was astounded. No bank officer ever asked me that. But then I realized, "That's why I'm with these guys."

Now, First Merchants can offer me even more services. At a small business, you must take care of the people who take care of you - while appealing to perspective employees, too. Our 401(k) program isn't all it could be. But we're in talks with First Merchants to handle that for us and become an expert investment resource for our people. And we'll also be looking into their insurance services next year.

You can't buy trust. You've got to earn it. By offering me an easy merger and exciting new opportunities, First Merchants has certainly earned mine.

It's your goal. We make it happen.

At First Merchants, we see beyond the numbers by using powerful financial resources, prompt local decisions, and personal attention to make it happen for your business.

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