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Caribbean Pools at a Glance

Company Name

Caribbean Pools


Schererville, Indiana

Year Founded



Pool and Spa Installation, Maintenance and Supplies

Market Reach

Recent Growth


Family Fun in the Sun with Caribbean Pools

Caribbean Pools

Owner, Caribbean Pools

Schererville, Indiana

As a First Merchants customer for about 15 years, it’s hard to pick just one moment that they “made it happen.” When we joined First Merchants in 2001, our finances were not where we wanted them to be. For some banks, Caribbean Pools was a risk. However, First Merchants doesn’t see customers as numbers on a page, but as people, and it was because of our people that they believed in our business. They trusted that, given the right financial support, we could improve over time. Today, we’ve increased revenue by more than 10 times, and we look forward to continued growth in the future.

In 2013, when we wanted to expand our business, First Merchants was there to help us make a splash. We had purchased some land in Valparaiso and wanted to build another facility there. Originally, we were paying for the construction ourselves, but needed extra financial support to realize our vision. First Merchants stepped in, reviewed our finances, and approved a loan large enough to help us finish the project. Thanks to First Merchants, we completed construction and now have a beautiful facility in Valparaiso.

There are many more examples of First Merchants coming through for Caribbean Pools. Their secure banking products have saved us tens of thousands of dollars. When other banks tried to convince us to leave, First Merchants’ senior management came to us in person to fight for our business. Yet, it’s how First Merchants understands and respects us that ensures our long relationship with them. No other bank gives the personal attention we get at First Merchants. As our business continues to grow, we need a bank that knows how to help us expand – First Merchants makes it happen.

It's your goal. We make it happen.

At First Merchants, we see beyond the numbers by using powerful financial resources, prompt local decisions, and personal attention to make it happen for your business.

Stop in or call 1.866.833.0050 to learn more about our commercial banking solutions.

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