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Harold Ellison Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements

This scholarship was established by Mr. Harold Ellison, a lifelong resident of Muncie and a longtime employee of the Warner Gear Division of Borg-Warner Corporation.  Mr. Ellison wished to award outstanding Delaware County high school graduating seniors enrolling at Ball State University who have also been awarded the Ball State University Presidential Award Scholarship.  Indiana Academy students applying must have transferred from a Delaware County high school and have remained a resident of Delaware County.  The award is for eight academic semesters of undergraduate study and is subject to annual review of the student’s leadership activities and academic progress by the selection committee.  The student must successfully complete a minimum of 30 credit hours during each academic year and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.  The Harold Ellison Scholarship, in combination with all other federal, state, institutional, and private scholarships, cannot exceed the cost of attendance established by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

Required Material:

Supplemental Information (to be included with the scholarship application:)

  • List of extra-curricular activities (i.e. Athletics, Social Clubs, Student Body Government, Community Involvement, Honors, Awards, etc.). Include the activity, years participating and any offices held, recognition and/or honors.
  • List work experience & wage earned (current-employment first).
  • Briefly discuss your goals and aspirations for your college years and the years immediately following your college graduation.
  • Of your academic and personal accomplishments, describe the one that gave you the feeling of the greatest achievement.
  • An essay discussing what you think is one of the most critical issues facing our society today. Include why you have selected the issue and any ideas you have for resolving it. Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, two to four pages in length. Please make use of outside references for this essay and include a bibliography.
  • One letter of recommendation from your high school counselor or principal.
  • High school transcript that includes GPA, class standing, SAT and/or ACT scores. 

Instructions for submitting required material:

  • Compile application and all supplemental information into one PDF file and/or Microsoft Word file (pdf. and .docx are the only file types accepted).
  • You will attach files on the application website page.
  • Please keep in mind, uploads must be under 50mb.

For more information contact:

First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors
P.O. Box 1467
Muncie, IN 47308-1467
[email protected]