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How to Make a Purchase Using Apple Pay
Apple Pay is the most secure and convenient way to make purchases. Upload your First Merchants Mastercard Debit Card information and you're ready to go. You can authorize a purchase by holding your finger on touch ID and holding your iPhone next to the terminal to make your purchase and that's it - you're done. It's that easy.
First Merchants Bank Community Commitment & Corporate Social Responsibility
What makes a community bank? It's really a place where we can welcome the community in our doors and that we can provide financial advice. Corporate social responsibility is the heart of the bank. It means: the families that we've helped, it means the partners that we have developed and created, it means the communities that we have transformed. It's all of us working together to make a difference in these places that we call home. We want to set clients up for success.
Long View 2022 Business Vision
The Long View 2022 Business Vision illustrates how First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors team helps clients build long-term financial success.
First Merchants Team Statement
We are a collection of dynamic colleagues, with diverse experiences and perspectives, who share a passion for positively impacting lives. We are genuinely committed to attracting and engaging teammates of diverse backgrounds and we believe in the power of inclusion and belonging.
First Merchants CEO Mark Hardwick Shares His Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility
What makes a community bank? It's really a place where we can welcome the community in our doors and that we can provide financial advice. The bank has been here since 1893. It's survived the depression, world wars, the financial crisis. During that crisis, we started talking about how much we needed our community, but also how much our community really needed us. We believe that First Merchants is a staple in the backyards of the places where our employees and our customers live and work.
First Merchants MasterCard Debit Card Benefits
How can you make sure the online you is really you? With the MasterCard Enhanced Benefits in every First Merchants debit card, you get all the tools you’ll need if someone tries to steal your identity. First Merchants personal debit card. Purchase with confidence. Enroll in ID Theft Protection today!
First Merchants Mobile Wallet
No wallet, no checks, no problem. With Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and your First Merchants debit card you can quickly and safely make any purchase with your mobile phone. First Merchants personal debit card. So many ways to pay. Open your account today.
First Merchants Debit Card Controls
Best of friends. Your debit card and mobile app. With First Merchants Card Controls in the mobile app, you can turn your debit card on or off if it's lost or stolen and set geographic and monetary spending limits. Working together, your app and debit card offer total flexibility and security.
First Merchants Instant Issue Debit Card

Expect more from your debit card. Need your debit card today? We’ve got you covered. Get your personal debit card on the spot. It’s called Instant Issue. Or, you can simply call it convenient. And, if you lose your card, just stop in to one of our Instant Issue locations, and we will create one for you right away. First Merchants Mastercard Debit Cards are available “instantly” at select locations. Visit our locations page to find a banking center that can issue you a debit card today. Simply use the filter "instant issue" in your location search.

Text Banking
Bank anywhere, anytime from your phone, with text banking from First Merchants!
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
With a HELOC from First Merchants, you can use the equity in your home to do more of what you want to do! It is often the smartest and most affordable way to borrow.
Apply for a Home Equity Loan with First Merchants
A First Merchants Home Equity Loan is the flexible, low-interest option for any major purchase or expenditure. Our home equity loans typically have a much lower interest rate than using a credit card and you can usually get a larger loan amount than through using other loan options.
Learn About a Home Equity Line of Credit from First Merchants Bank
Using your home's equity is a smart and affordable way to borrow. And First Merchants offers rate lock options. Rest assured, your home equity can help you cover the expenses that matter most. Schedule an appointment with a banker today and we'll show you how to unlock your home's value.
How to Use First Merchants Text Banking
First Merchants Bank free Text Banking service is the fastest, easiest way to check your accounts on the go. Monitor your finances at anytime from anywhere. Just text commands to 49794 from your enrolled mobile phone.
First Merchants Commercial Banking
For more than a century, First Merchants Bank has been a proud partner to business owners throughout our local communities with our combination of vast financial resources and personal, local service. We instill confidence in business owners by making our decisions in the places they call home. We build strong, personal relationships around a common goal to see their businesses thrive and grow.
Online Banking Personal Finance Tools
Set budget goals, alerts and even set up account aggregation to see all of your accounts, or just the accounts you want. It's your choice! The First Merchants personal finance tools within online banking put you in control.
Mortgage Services from First Merchants Bank
Ready to buy? It's time to talk to a First Merchants mortgage loan officer. They'll explain the types of mortgages available and also explain your interest rate options. You can confidently navigate the mortgage process and First Merchants will be with you at every step; right up to you taking that first step inside your new home. Call First Merchants at 1-800-205-3464 or apply online today to start your home buying process.
How to Build an Emergency Savings Fund
Emergencies are unpredictable and can affect your financial stability in an instant. While emergencies can’t always be avoided, emergency savings can help you manage unexpected events by giving you peace of mind and preventing you from going into debt. Watch this video for how to build an emergency savings fund.
Refer Friends and Family and earn up to $500
Referring friends and family is easy! You can use the form on our website or our mobile app or visit a banking center. Each qualified referral earns $50 for you and $50 for your friend, up to $500 in a calendar year.
Auto Loans
Take the wheel with a great deal on a low fixed rate auto loan! You can even refinance an existing high rate auto loan. Call us at 1-800-205-3464 for more information.
First Merchants Working Together
First Merchants was founded on a principle: banks should help their communities thrive. So over 125 years ago, a group of business owners created First Merchants to ensure our neighbors had a trusted place for their money.
First Direct Checking
At First Merchants, your bank and your employer can work together to give you even more banking benefits.
Mobile Deposit
It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! The fast, easy way to deposit checks from your mobile phone or your tablet.
HELOC & Home Improvement | Love Story
With a HELOC & Home Improvement loan from First Merchants, you can use the equity in your home to do more of what you want to do! It is often the smartest and most affordable way to borrow.
Smart Saver CD
Save smarter with monthly automatic transfers from your checking account to a CD. You can transfer as little as $25 per month and watch your money grow with a smart savers CD.
Home Improvement Loans
Low rate home improvement loans at First Merchants Bank can help you turn your to do list into a done list!
First Merchants First Direct Checking Account Offer
Every day you’re out there…with the sole purpose of protecting us…keeping us healthy…teaching our children. First Merchants First Direct checking account is our way of saying thank you to the heroes walking among us. You receive $100 for opening your First Direct account. First Merchants First Direct Account opening bonus of $100 contingent upon completing 15 transactions within 60 days of account opening, and by completing one direct deposit of $500 or more within 60 days of account opening. Plus, with First Direct, you'll be able to send money to friends and family with Zelle...get a free debit card…access your funds at over 25,000 ATMs…and manage your finances with the First Merchants mobile app. Your selfless sacrifice is a gift to all you serve. First Direct is our small token of gratitude in return.
Make a Transaction Using Mobile Wallet
Because we know you’re on the go, we’re doing more to keep up with you. With mobile wallet options like Apple Pay® and Samsung Pay®, you can experience greater security and convenience on purchases at millions of participating retailers.
First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors
First Merchants private wealth advisors have the experience to help grow your portfolio while always working to protect what you’ve built. And every one of our advisors carry the fiduciary designation, which means they serve you and not a sales commission. Each client needs a well thought out plan. They can’t wait for solutions. So, working together, we create them.
Tools for Managing Your Checking Account
Managing your financing can be overwhelming! At First Merchants, we are here to help you gain control of your finances with multiple tools and channels to balance your accounts. Our Mobile Banking App, Text Banking, Telephone Banking and Online banking are just a few of those tools. We are here to help!
First Merchants Debit Card Control
Best of friends: Your debit card and mobile app. Just tap the app. Then you can turn your debit card on or off if lost or stolen. Lock in geographic boundaries and even set what types of items you usually buy and how much you can spend.
Enroll in First Merchants Text Banking
Text Banking must be activated from the Mobile Banking Center within Online Banking. Click on the 'Activate Now' link for Text Banking and follow the instructions presented on the screen.
Get started with Digital Banking today
Why Take Your Bank to the Bank? Get started with Digital Banking today. First Merchants offers you all the tools needed to safely and securely access and manage your funds wherever you are. With a First Merchants Debit Card, you can instantly access your funds with no fees at over 25,000 in the free MoneyPass network. There's no need to carry cash or checks. For added freedom, you can manage finances with online banking. From you computer desktop, you can open accounts, set up account alerts, transfer to and from external accounts, and connect Bill Pay. And for the ultimate in financial flexibility, download our mobile app and put First Merchants in your pocket.
How to Use Zelle
First Merchants Has partnered with Zelle® to bring you a fast and easy way to send money to family and friends, even if they aren't a First Merchants Bank customer. They only need to have a U.S. bank account. Watch our video to learn how to use Zelle® and start sending and receiving money today.
Set Up Passcode Options in the First Merchants Mobile Banking App
We understand the importance of security when managing your finances. We use industry standard security measures to protect your information both online and within our mobile apps. Users can create a passcode to sign in quickly and view accounts, iPhone users can use Apple's Touch ID to sign in quickly and view accounts, and ID and password are required when making transfers, payments, or deposits.
Download First Merchants Mobile Banking App
First Merchants Mobile Banking is a simple, secure and convenient way to manage your bank accounts, anytime, anywhere, right from your Apple or Android device! You can download the First Merchants Mobile App using your app store.
How to Make a Mobile Deposit Using First Merchants Mobile App
Thanks to the Mobile Deposit feature of the First Merchants Mobile app, depositing checks is now as simple as snapping a picture on your smartphone or tablet device. Now, there’s no need to rush to the bank or wait in line. This training video will teach you how to set-up an online bank account and corresponding mobile app so that you can quickly deposit a check within the comfort of your own home.