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Erik Hansen

My goal was creating my own company to help longtime clients succeed. First Merchants made it happen.
Working mainly with Midwestern Petrochemical industries and steel mills, HD Mechanical specializes in process and utility piping for anything from hydraulics to chemical transfer.
HD Mechanical employs a core staff of 10 and hires out additional work depending on the scope of the job - requiring anywhere from 25 to 100 total employees.
After opening in 2013, HD Mechanical is poised to potentially double its sales from its inaugural year - from $1.7 million to a projects $3 million plus.
Founded and headquartered in Griffith, Indiana, since 2013, HD Mechanical, Inc. handles production and installation of heavy-duty industrial mechanical and processing piping.

HD Mechanical, Inc. at a Glance

Company Name

HD Mechanical, Inc.


Griffith, Indiana

Year Founded



Heavy-duty industrial piping

Market Reach

Recent Growth


Fulfilling a vision. We made it happen.

Erik Hansen

President, HD Mechanical, Inc.

Griffith, Indiana

Handshakes built on honesty and hard work. That’s how I do business, and it served my employers well for over 20 years. After I made the decision to start my own business, an 11th-hour setback jeopardized my plans. But First Merchants quickly stepped up to keep the deal, and my dream, alive.

My summer job became a career in heavy-duty mechanical and process piping, and I eventually became general superintendent for a large company. As they grew, they shifted focus from smaller clients I'd worked beside for years. With a personal stake in their success, I couldn’t imagine ignoring them. So in 2013, I decided to buy a business and serve them myself.

I've had great experiences with Kevin Wagner and John Novosel, so I turned to them and First Merchants. No one's ever just a number there, and their team has a great rapport in Lake County. Many other successful companies around here work with them, and it’s comforting to know the people those companies trust have your back, too. This was never more important than when my seller backed out at the last minute. I thought it was a huge blow, but Kevin, John, and their team weren't fazed. They took charge to swiftly restructure my loan so I could create a new business. Within 30 days, HD Mechanical was a full-fledged company.

We were blessed with a really good first year, and I’m in talks for potential nationwide contracts. First Merchants has helped us purchase the property, too, and improving infrastructure will be crucial for even greater profitability.

When you sign with HD Mechanical, you sign with me. It’s the same with Kevin and John at First Merchants. You think this kind of banking relationship doesn't exist anymore, but these guys will do whatever it takes for you when you need it.

There are many ways to bank for business with First Merchants. Theirs is the only one I trust.

It's your goal. We make it happen.

At First Merchants, we see beyond the numbers by using powerful financial resources, prompt local decisions, and personal attention to make it happen for your business.

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