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Instant Issue Debit Cards: Don’t wait to access your money


No one likes waiting, especially when it comes to accessing your money. With instant issue debit cards, First Merchants has made it possible for our customers to receive a new card onsite at many of our banking centers.

Whether you’re opening a new checking account or replacing a lost or stolen debit card, with our instant issue program you can receive access to your debit card as quickly as possible.


Below we’ve outlined answers to all of the most important questions about instant issue debit cards:

How does an instant issue debit card work? Instant issue debit cards work just like other First Merchants debit cards, except instead of receiving your card by mail after a waiting period, you can receive the card onsite at select First Merchants banking centers. Once you receive your instant issue debit card, you can start using it just as you would any other debit card, making purchases and withdrawing funds.

Who can receive an instant issue debit card? Anyone who opens a new First Merchants checking account at a banking center offering instant issue can receive a card onsite. We can also replace lost or stolen debit cards for existing First Merchants checking customers.

When can I start using an instant issue debit card? Instant issue cards are generally ready for use in a matter of minutes. After you receive your new card, your banker will have you choose a pin for your new debit card. Then all you need to do is sign the back of your instant issue card, and it’s ready for use.

Where can I get an instant issue debit card? You can get an instant issue debit card at several First Merchants locations. To find the closest banking center offering instant issue debit cards, visit our locations page and select “instant issue debit cards” from the services drop-down menu to filter results.

Visit a banking center or call us at 1.800.205.3464 to find an instant issue location near you.