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Dwight & Virginia Deen Schoeff Scholarship

Dwight & Virginia Deen Schoeff Scholarship

Scholarship Requirements

The Dwight & Virginia Deen Schoeff Scholarship was established in 2006 by the Last Will and Testament of Virginia Schoeff.  Each Delaware County school may only nominate one student.  Those students who attend the Indiana Academy must have lived in Delaware County and been eligible to attend a Delaware County school prior to admittance to the Academy.  First preference is given to students pursuing a career in music education; however, students pursuing a teaching career or any other career shall be considered.  The scholarship is intended to fund an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university within the United States.  No student shall receive the scholarship for more than four academic years and must have and maintain a GPA of 3.0 and full-time enrollment status to remain eligible.  This award is automatically renewable and the amount of the award will fluctuate from year to year.

Required Material



Supplemental Information (to be included with the scholarship application:)

  • List of extra-curricular activities (i.e. Athletics, Social Clubs, Student Body Government, Community Involvement, Honors, Awards, etc.). Include the activity, years participating and any offices held, recognition and/or honors.
  • List work experience & wage earned (current-employment first).
  • High school transcript that should include SAT and/or ACT scores. College transcript must include school name, student name, most recent semester GPA.
  • One letter of recommendation from an instructor.


Instructions for submitting required Material:

  • Compile application and all supplemental information into one PDF file.
  • Compose email with subject line that reads:  Scholarship Name – Student Name, Semester/Year
    • Example:  Dwight & Virginia Deen Schoeff Scholarship – Jane Doe – Fall 2021
  • Attach PDF and send email to FMPWA contact listed below

For More Information Contact:

Curtis Krammes
First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors
P.O. Box 1467
Muncie, IN 47308-1467
(765) 213-3452