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The Long View - Solutions in Focus

Solutions in Focus

"We believe The Long View is encouraging and positive for every First Merchants Private Wealth client. Our interactions with clients, teammates and communities restore our faith in human goodness and the power of our collective innovative spirit. Our team wishes you prosperity in the coming year. And we’ll be working every day to help you achieve it."

MICHAEL JOYCE - President, Private Wealth Advisors




"Cash flow matters, whether it’s for your business or your lifestyle, as all entrepreneurs have learned. So, for several of our clients who recently sold their businesses, the transition from living off business earnings to living off income from an investment portfolio felt foreign and uncomfortable. Those feelings were only magnified in the confusion and volatility created by the pandemic. But part of what gave our clients peace of mind was our deep knowledge of other businesses and their practices. By helping our clients invest in companies prepared to weather any financial storm, we helped ensure a more secure future for their portfolios and their assets."


Associate Portfolio Manager & Investment Analyst

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Director, Private Wealth Administrative Services

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"Our team finds solutions for client request and needs. In everything we do, we have to ensure both accuracy and a clear understanding of the intended strategy. We work hand in hand with the client-facing teams as well as Operations. We fulfill client requests, put meeting materials together, pay taxes and invoices and set up accounts. Big picture thinking is vital. But implementing those plans is just as important."




"Sometimes our role in Private Banking is to see a simple answer hidden in a complex situation. Recently, a client was going to experience substantial liquidity after he sold his business. Concurrently, he wanted to help his daughter and son-in-law buy their first home. We were able to help the couple receive an unsecured loan to pay cash for the home. At the same time, we built an investment plan for the client’s imminent liquidity event while also incorporating our Commercial Banking team for his new business plans. Working together, professionals in separate First Merchants disciplines crafted one seamless solution."


Private Banker

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Senior Wealth Manager

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"Sometimes, we work with people during their most difficult times. One of my clients has unfortunately lost two husbands during my time as her wealth manager. All of her family was out of state, so I stepped in to support her. I administered the estates and helped sell her old homes and buy new ones. I set up two trusts, paid her bills, gathered tax information and also attended the funerals. During times of enormous personal loss for clients, this level of assistance is one simple way our team can offer a measure of comfort."




"People usually think of First Merchants Investment Services as working with individuals or families. However, our capabilities benefit a broad spectrum of clientele. Not long ago, a local church came to us with a unique request. The retiring pastor lacked an individual retirement plan. The church wanted to create an ongoing lifetime income for a man who so selflessly served the community and congregation. In addition, the church needed to preserve the principal in the unfortunate event the pastor passed away unexpectedly. Working with our external partners, our team built a plan protecting the future of both the church and their former pastor."


Regional Sales Manager

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Portfolio Manager

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"Tax law is so complex and can have such a negative effect on portfolios. Navigating it is often the ultimate example of our team approach. A client was considering gifting a large sum to children and grandchildren. Collaborating with (his/her) attorney and accountant, our administration and operations departments created a plan that involved 22 different accounts. Our combined knowledge and teamwork helped our client save a seven-figure total in estate taxes."




"Almost all clients plan to pass wealth down to children or grandchildren. But sometimes that need is even more crucial. I worked with a widow who had an adult son with special needs. You can imagine the stress and anxiety she felt. How would her child be cared for when she was gone? Working together, our team crafted an estate and financial plan ensuring her son would have all of his needs met. Understand, it’s always rewarding to help families. But sometimes it goes a little deeper."


Wealth Manager

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