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How To Videos - Mobile Deposits

Deposit Checks with a Simple Photo – Introducing Mobile Deposit!

If you need to deposit a check on the go, our Mobile Deposit feature can help! Just take a picture of your check, provide the requested info, and voila!

Video Transcript

You can open Mobile Deposit from the thumb bar at the bottom of the Home page. You can also use the More link and select from the menu. You can access Mobile Deposit from the Pay & Transfer page in the left-hand menu. Click on the Deposit tile in the Pay & Transfer menu. You may be asked to provide permission to take pictures and record video. Select the account where you would like the funds to be deposited. Enter the value of the check. You will see help on how to align the phone. Make sure the check is aligned inside the green box. You will be shown the image of the front of the check. Repeat the process for the back of the check. Select Submit Deposit. Select Deposit Check History. You can see all of your remote deposit history, or filter for Submitted and Accepted checks.