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How to Videos - Make a Mobile Deposit Using Mobile App

Make a Mobile Deposit Using Mobile App Video

Thanks to the Mobile Deposit feature of the First Merchants Mobile app, depositing checks is now as simple as snapping a picture on your smartphone or tablet device. Now, there’s no need to rush to the bank or wait in line. This training video will teach you how to set-up an online bank account and corresponding mobile app so that you can quickly deposit a check within the comfort of your own home.



Hello. Let's take a look at how easy it is to make a deposit to one of your accounts First Merchants mobile banking app. First have you already done so, go ahead & sign the check you wish to deposit. Once you sign the check, open the app on your phone. After login, touch the gold home key at the bottom of the screen. Four icons will appear on your screen. From the four icons, touch the deposit option at the top right, like this. A window will appear instructing you how best situate your check for a photo. You want to follow the instructions. Press continue. I notice full up here with important details about using mobile deposit. After you read the notice, press continue. Next up, to take two photos of your check from the front side and the back on the same screen, you'll be asked what account you wish to make the deposit to. Verify the amount you are depositing and what email address the receipt should be sent to after you enter in all the information. For these selections, press continue. A window will pop up asking you to approve the deposit once you have double check that the information is correct. Touch the approved button. A message will appear letting you know that your deposit process has successfully been accepted. You will receive an approval notice via email. There you go! You're all done. Now you can deposit checks from anywhere. To learn about additional features available on our mobile banking app, go ahead and check out our other videos.