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Personal Finance is an important piece of financial wellness and security, but, if you’re just starting your financial wellness journey, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why First Merchants Bank offers its customers an innovative Personal Finance tool, conveniently located in our mobile banking app.

“The Personal Finance Management Tool is one of many amazing things in the First Merchants mobile app,” Jayden Pfleeger, Assistant Manager, Enterprise Application Services with First Merchants Bank, shared. “It can be a great tool if you want to learn personal finance skills, get your debt under control, or save for the future.”

Do you need help crafting a budget? Our Personal Finance Management tool can help you create a rock-solid budget and teach you strategies to make your hard-earned money stretch farther than ever. With automatic tracking and spending insights, the tool shows you where your money is really going and can help you re-allocate funds to the most pressing expenses. Whether you need a spreadsheet, a colorful graph, a pie chart, or a bubble graph, the Personal Finance Management tool has a little bit of everything to help you visualize, plan, and save.


“There’s more than one way to budget, and everyone needs to find a strategy that works for them,” shared Jayden. “Luckily, the Personal Finance Management tool has something for everyone.”

It can also help users pay down debt, with easy automatic bill pay, an option for rolling payments, and a long view of debt and finances.


“The tool will actually aggregate all your accounts from different financial institutions into one easy place, so it’s really easy to get a good grasp on money in, money out, and the total scale of your debt,” Jayden explained.

And, if you’re focused on savings, the Personal Finance Management tool can help you set savings goals and update you on your progress.

Don’t need a specific feature? No problem!

“The tool is really easy to customize,” Jayden shared. “So, you can hide features you don’t need, so you’re only looking at and using pertinent features.”

No matter where you are on your personal finance journey, the Personal Finance Management tool can help you prosper, and Jayden said it’s part of what he loves about his job.

“I help my community prosper by keeping them connected to the digital tools they need to be financially secure,” he said.

Questions? Visit your local banking center and speak to one of our welcoming, attentive bankers. Learn more about the Personal Finance Management tool, or, enroll in online banking!