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I was at an after-hours gathering with several coworkers recently and a discussion about particularly  trustworthy people we knew came up. One of our group  made an observation about the difference between  those who he would trust with his car and those who he  would trust with his children. Basically there are some  times where any responsible person will do and other  times where a much higher degree of trust and confidence is required. 

At First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors one of our jobs is to serve as  the Trustee, Executor or Guardian for the benefit of our clients and their  families. As a fiduciary, we are held to the highest legal standards and we  always do everything in our power to meet or exceed this responsibility.  We understand that we are responsible for more than just your car, but  also for the financial well being of your children and family. 

Choosing a professional fiduciary for your will, trust or other estate  planning needs is a serious decision. It is often a balance between  making sure that your choice has all of the legal, tax and other skills and  resources necessary to do the job, as well as someone who can get to  know you and your family personally and to be able to be flexible and  adaptive in their approach rather than bound by one size fits all rules.  Sometimes the best solution is a combination of a trusted family member  for personal issues and a professional fiduciary like First Merchants to  work as a team to see that your family is supported and protected if you  are not there to do so. 

First Merchants has been servings as a professional fiduciary for 126  years and our mission is to partner with individuals, families and  organizations to provide comprehensive solutions and personal service in  their pursuit of a secure financial future. Please feel free to contact myself  or one of our Wealth Advisors if you would like to learn more about how  we can help protect those you love.

David Forbes

Director, Trust Administration

First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors products are not FDIC insured, are not deposits of First Merchants Bank, are not guaranteed by any federal government agency, and may lose value. Investments are not guaranteed by First Merchants Bank and are not insured by any government agency. This material has been prepared solely for informational purposes. First Merchants shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the data or information, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Any views or opinions in this message are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the organization.