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A Checklist for Plan Sponsors

The more convinced employees are of the wisdom of saving for retirement, the greater the level of employee participation. The greater the participation, the more the plan can benefit employees, including highly compensated employees. Regular meetings, newsletters, and handouts are effective means of communicating plan advantages.

A Primer on Exchange Traded Funds

If you are looking for a tax efficient investment that tracks a specific market index, then the exchange traded fund (ETF) may be an interesting alternative. An ETF bears some similarities to a mutual fund but also possesses some significant differences.

A Trust: What Can It Do for You?

A toolbox is not complete without at least one pair of pliers. Pliers come in all sizes. Pliers are versatile tools that can be useful in a variety of situations and do many things. The same holds true for a flexible legal arrangement known as a trust.

Borrowing from Yourself Not Always the Best Plan

Where can you turn if you need cash in an emergency? Some people turn to their 401(k) plans. After all, your are borrowing your own money and paying it back to yourself with interest.

Build It Back Up

When you are investing for retirement, there will almost certainly be times when the markets take a beating. And that can be rough. Seeing investment values drop is difficult, even for professional investors.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Another Way To Donate

Donating appreciated assets outright is only one strategy available for obtaining a charitable deduction and avoiding capital gains tax.

Hold Steady! Don't Let the Markets Throw You Off Course

Are you feeling a little queasy about market ups and downs? Who isn’t! While there’s no magic bullet, there are things you can do to help calm your nerves and cope with volatility.

Investing Mistakes: Even an Old Pro Can Land in the Rough

Your favorite golfer on the PGA Tour typically has scores so low they seem impossible. But suddenly, he begins undershooting greens and misjudging putts and doesn’t even come close to breaking par. He isn’t sure why his game is off, but he knows his fairway flubs could thwart his future goals.

Keep Your Head in the Game: Avoiding Mental Errors When You Invest

Fear of making an investment mistake can cause a retirement investor to postpone decisions.

Living Trusts and Taxes

Perhaps you've read about an estate planning tool called a living trust. It is often recommended to individuals who want their assets to be professionally managed should they become disabled. A properly implemented living trust also avoids probate, which can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Retirement Savings To Last a Lifetime

It’s not always easy to know if you’re saving enough for your retirement. Like most people, you’re probably not sure. Here’s how to get a general idea of whether your savings are on track to last throughout your retirement.

Revocable Living Trust to the Rescue

No one likes to think about the possibility of not being able to manage their own affairs. Still, accidents and illnesses do happen. If you worry about who would manage your assets if you couldn’t do it yourself, then you might want to consider a revocable living trust.

Sector Investing

One way to help control risk and increase your portfolio’s chances for a healthy return is through diversifying your investments across and within the major asset classes.

The Annual Rite of Rebalancing

The mix of assets chosen for your portfolio should reflect your goals and the level of investment risk you are willing to take to reach them. But fluctuations in the securities markets can change a portfolio's allocation over time, exposing it to more or less risk than intended and leaving it less diversified.

The Three Reasons to Consider a Living Trust

The word trust may make you think first of a tax cut. It is true that trusts can save taxes in many situations, but trusts have other advantages, too. For example, one type of trust you may have heard something about a Revocable Living Trust can be very useful.

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