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Mortgage Pre-Approval

Get pre-approved for a mortgage today.

Hunt for your next home with confidence thanks to our free mortgage pre-approval program. Our pre-approval process is designed to provide a general sense of how much you’ll be eligible to borrow for a home. By providing information about your financial and credit history, First Merchants can estimate how much you’ll likely qualify for.

The ideal time to get pre-approved for a mortgage is just before you start home shopping. In a competitive housing market, getting pre-approved for a mortgage can help you stand out from other prospective buyers. Mortgage pre-approval, also sometimes referred to as mortgage prequalification, signals to realtors, builders and sellers that you’re a serious buyer and you’ve been vetted by a financial institution. It also gives you a better sense of what your monthly payment, interest and down payment will look like.

How do I get pre-qualified for a mortgage?

The process to get prequalified for a mortgage is quick and straightforward. To get started, you’ll need to submit details about your current expenses and financial assets, as well as your employment and income history. Lenders will also review your credit history and tax information. Before you can get prequalified for a mortgage, all of this information is subject to final review by a qualified underwriter.

Mortgage pre-approval from First Merchants Bank lasts 90 days. This assumes there are no changes in the financial situation of those who were pre-approved. If you’re still shopping for homes after the 90-day window closes, you can request a renewal.

Get preapproved for a mortgage today

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