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FDIC offers Cyber Security Tips

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Below you can find Cyber Security Tips and suggestions from the FDIC on how to better protect your personal information.

Basic Computing Security Tips

  • Take extra precautions for logging into bank and other financial accounts.
  • Take precautions if you provide financial account information to third parties online.
  • Periodically check your bank accounts for signs of fraud. 
  • Keep your software up to date. Software manufacturers continually update their products.
  • Install anti-virus software that prevents, detects and removes malicious programs.
  • Use a firewall program to prevent unauthorized access to your PC.
  • Only use security products from reputable companies. 
  • Take advantage of Internet safety features.
  • Be careful where and how you connect to the Internet. 

For more tips on computer and Internet security for bank customers, watch the FDIC's multimedia presentation "Don't Be an Online Victim: How to Guard Against Internet Thieves and Electronic Scams."  Also, visit www.OnGuardOnline.gov for information from the federal government on how to be safe online.  The site includes videos from the Federal Trade Commission on what to do if your email is hacked or if malware attacks your computer.