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Debit Card Controls

Best of friends: Your debit card and mobile app.

Just tap the app. Then you can turn your debit card on or off if lost or stolen. Lock in geographic boundaries and even set what types of items you usually buy and how much you can spend. Working together, your app and debit card offer total flexibility and security.

It’s a shield. It’s an app. Easily protect your debit card with our mobile app.

With debit card controls* available in your mobile banking app, you can:

  • Turn your debit card on/off if lost or stolen.
  • Set locations to prevent purchases outside your geographic area.
  • Set limits on transactions, including dollar amounts/merchant categories.
  • Set push notification alerts for all transactions or specific uses based on merchant or transaction types.
  • Set alerts for exceeding threshold amounts.

Plus, you don’t need to download any additional apps. The First Merchants mobile app is the perfect companion for protecting your debit card.


*Merchant restrictions on customer-placed transactions may be subject to MasterCard® definitions and limitations. Any questions should be directed to First Merchants Customer Service at 1-800-205-3464.

Debit Card Controls and Alerts Guide and FAQs

Debit Card Controls

Set Transaction Type Controls for your Debit Card

With Transaction Type controls, you can decide what types of purchases you want your First Merchants debit card to be capable of; for example, if you don't want to allow online purchases using your debit card, simply turn them off! You can enable or disable six different types of transactions on any debit card that you control. Transaction types include:

  • In-Store Purchases
  • eCommerce Online Purchases
  • Mail or Phone Order Purchases
  • Auto Pay Purchases
  • ATM Transactions
  • "Other" Transactions not matching the above noted categories

Set Spending Limits for your Debit Card

Turn on the Threshold Amount feature to set a monetary threshold for purchases. Any time a purchase exceeds that amount, it will be declined. This is useful for:

  • Helping Prevent Overspending
  • Protecting Your Account From Large Fraudulent Purchases

Control Where Your Debit Card is Used

With Location & Merchant Controls, you'll be able to block international purchases, map out and create specific "regions" where your card purchases will be accepted, or even block specific types of merchant transactions from your card. 

  • Regions allows you to define up to three (3) geographical areas in which transactions are permitted.
  • Merchant Types allows you to disable transactions at specific merchant types, such as Department Stores or Gas Stations.

Know When Your Card Is Used

In the Alerts Menu, you'll be able to turn on alerts for each of your cards to notify you when a purchase is made. You can be alerted to all transactions or specific transactions or amounts, such as:

  • Specific Merchant Type Alerts (e.g. Gas Stations, Restaurants, etc)
  • Transaction Type Alerts (e.g. In-Store, eCommerce, ATM, etc)
  • International Transaction Alerts
  • Transactions that exceed a minimum threshold amount


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