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John and Josh Hamstra

John and Josh Hamstra

We needed a partner to help continue building our legacy. First Merchants made it happen.

John and Josh Hamstra

Leeps Supply Co., Inc. has provided wholesale plumbing supplies, commerical plumbing supplies and wholesale plumbing fixture for over sixty years.

John and Josh Hamstra

Leeps Supply Co., Inc. proudly serves a variety of customers in need of quality products and expert advice.

John and Josh Hamstra

Leeps Supply Co., Inc. delivers supplies to almost any job site.

Leeps Supply Co., Inc. at a Glance

Company Name Leeps Supply Co., Inc.

Headquarters Merrillville, IN

Year Founded 1954

Industry Commercial and Retail Plumbing Supplies

Building a Legacy. We made it happen.

John and Josh Hamstra
President and Vice President, Leeps Supply Co., Inc.

Merrillville, Indiana

At our core, we’re a family business that prides itself on the relationships we can create with our customers - both commercial and retail. We've worked hard to grow Leeps Supply Co. into the full-service, wholesale and retail plumbing supply company it is today, and hope to keep it in our family well into the future.

Like many others, Leeps Supply Co. was hit hard by the 2008 recession, and while we were in the process of recovering, we needed a partner that could help us grow our business and ensure its success for generations to come. We contacted several banks seeking their services, but unfortunately the vast majority of those we reached out to were unwilling to even discuss the possibility of taking us on as a client. However, there was one bank that was willing to at least hear us out.

First Merchants Bank didn't immediately accept us as a client, but they also didn't immediately write us off. John Freyek, Vice President/ Sr. Relationship Manager at First Merchants Bank, was willing to discuss our situation in a friendly and understanding way. Over a six-month time period, John formed a personal relationship with our company, and afterwards felt more confident in bringing us on as a client.

Since becoming a client of First Merchants Bank, every month has been record setting for our business. Additionally, since our relationship began, we’ve been able to add two more locations, and steadily grow our business. We use the word "relationship" to describe our experience with First Merchants Bank because that’s what it is. In our business, a strong relationship built on trust and respect is key, and First Merchants showed us they treat their clients as people and not just numbers on a page. We recognized our business was a risk for some banks, but only First Merchants could help us continue building our legacy. We chose First Merchants Bank because they were willing to talk to us, and have enjoyed nothing but boundless success since.

It's your goal. We make it happen.

At First Merchants, we see beyond the numbers by using powerful financial resources, prompt local decisions, and personal attention to make it happen for your business.

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