How much will I be charged for each text received?

First Merchants Text Banking is free of charge, however, your wireless provider’s standard text messaging and other rates may still apply.

Do I have to capitalize my text commands?

No, text commands are not case sensitive. For example, sending ‘help’ or ‘HELP’ or ‘Help’ are all permitted.

What number do I send text commands to?

The short code for First Merchants Text Banking is 269265. Send all text/SMS mobile banking requests to this number.

How many text messages will I receive daily?

When you complete enrollment you will receive two SMS messages confirming your registration. Thereafter you will receive a message in response to each SMS request you submit. If you have a large number of accounts, you may receive more than one message in order to report all of your account balances.

What does SMS mean?

SMS stands for Short Messaging Service. It is also called text messaging.