The Long View - Letter from Private Wealth Advisors President

Letter from Private Wealth Advisors President

ON BEHALF OF OUR TEAM, I invite you to enjoy our annual perspective in “The Long View.” While we build this publication to illustrate how we help clients build long-term financial success, this year it resonates with the reality of 2020…it has been a Long Year.

In my perspective, the word for 2020 has been “volatility.” Our business often focuses on volatility in the capital markets, but this year volatility has dominated our health care system amid a global pandemic. We’ve also seen the political volatility of a presidential election year, the economic volatility of shutdowns and stay-at-home orders and the social volatility of the civil unrest that erupted across our great nation.  In a year marked by a range of volatility, it would be easy to find yourself sidetracked and knocked off your life’s course.

As your partner, we have worked hard to make sure our team’s focus is where it needs to be: on our clients and their pursuit. In the Wealth Advisory business, we know our clients’ wealth is not simply about money but what it allows them to achieve – impact, freedom, family, legacy. Our client conversations this year have taken a decided turn toward these goals. Beyond a stated return or beating a benchmark, this has been a year marked by a more holistic view of what wealth allows our clients to accomplish.


How can I make the greatest contribution to my community and those most in need?


What holds me in place or allows me autonomy in my daily life?


How do I choose to affect those who mean the most to me?


How can my influence for good live beyond me? 

We are committed to helping our clients answer these questions by building attentive relationships and thoughtfully applying our technical expertise. While 2020 has been an unprecedented year, our team brings hundreds of years of experience to the table to guide our clients in their pursuit. We know time is among your most precious assets, and our team appreciates your investment in enjoying “The Long View.” While much has changed in 2020, our commitment to you and your goals has never wavered. It’s why our team has worked so hard this year, both in the office and at home, and it’s our privilege to be your partner in pursuit of a secure financial future. 




Private Wealth Advisors


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