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Meaningful Relationships

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Meaningful Relationships


With full disclosure, I come to you in this writing at the conclusion of the week that brought us the “debate” and a COVID positive in the White House.  As we all absorb the seemingly endless journey to the other side of what has become 2020, there can exist a very real effort to dig deep down and stay positive as well as an essential need to pick each other up along the way.  For me, I look to my Dad as my model of inspiration, who lost much too early into his retirement 16 years ago. Yet, he always remains thankful and has much gratitude for the rich life he has in the meaningful relationships that surround him.  Thank you, Dad.

My banking career has largely been dedicated to Private Banking and developing meaningful relationships with the many clients whom we serve.  I most often liken the profession of a private banker not as a job but rather as a lifestyle, with blurry lines that separate work and personal between ourselves and our clients.  With that mindset, this year in particular has only sharpened and brought into focus the importance of those blurry lines and the need for meaningful relationships between our private banking team and you.  The richness of this relationship extends well beyond numbers on a balance sheet.  Rather, it’s knowing that we are there for you in times when perhaps there really isn’t a banking “need” and a simple wellness check-in provides comfort and assurances your Bank and banker cares. It’s knowing that in times when a banking need arises you know who to call, assured in advance with a confidence you will receive a warm and knowing response in return.  Ultimately, you know that your private banker knows how to, and wants to solve, your needs.  Our solutions are many, most often not limited to a product off the shelf, because they are tailored to you.  Our private banking team and I welcome the next conversation with you - to listen and hear how you are doing and how we can serve you.  Thank you for welcoming the blurry lines.

Best wishes to you and your families in the upcoming Holidays. Stay healthy and safe.

Nancy Leming