Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Easy Button

I recently had the opportunity to recall and relate to a well branded marketing campaign – the “Easy Button”. Introduced by a national big box retailer to businesses and consumers, the strategy was to offer easy and straightforward solutions that may seemingly be difficult without their services. The Easy Button caught fire and big, red Easy Buttons were soon popping up in homes and offices across America, seeking a tongue-in-cheek outlet to address daily frustrations to get the job done.

This recollection came to me during a recent luncheon held with a well-established business owner and potential private banking client. Over the course of many years, she successfully built her company to a level that gained some attraction by outside suitors and eventually executed the sale of her business. In nearly an instant, her personal balance sheet transformed from a valuable business asset to an equally valuable liquid asset. Additionally, she found herself still very interested and inclined to pursue other business ventures which are neither yet identified nor defined. Taking into consideration her personal balance sheet and objectives to nimbly be prepared to make future investments, I was able to offer some solutions to appropriately maximize both. Her response, stated somewhere between being a statement and a question was, “Well, that doesn’t sound very hard to do. (?)”

Her comment was both interesting and compelling. Building personal wealth – as an entrepreneur, family business, professional or executive – has many ingredients unique to each situation. What is not unique to the recipe, however, is time and hard work. Easy Button not included. For well qualified individuals, Private Banking takes into account each hard earned personal balance sheet and success and offers streamlined solutions unique to each client. Unlike our big box counterparts, solutions are not a ready-made product off the shelf. Rather, solutions are customized and are exclusive to our Private Banking clients. Our experienced team of 6 Private Bankers look forward to serving you and, as always, greatly appreciates your business and relationship.


Nancy Leming, Director, Private Banking

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