Reaping the Benefits of Gift Cards

Although Gift Card programs have been used primarily by large retailers, small to mid- sized businesses can benefit from implementing a gift card program.
A First Data survey of small to mid-sized businesses found that 82 percent of respondents indicated that offering gift cards has had a positive impact on their bottom line. The majority of merchants who implement gift card programs also report an increase in their sales.

Take The Paper Out of Your Process With Electronic Check Service

Electronic Check Service is an integrated authorization, settlement and collections solution where a merchant runs checks through magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) readers at the point of sale, returns the paper check to the customer and settles the items via the ACH network.

Payment Security Standards: What You Need To Know

The 20th century U.S. criminal Willie Sutton was said to rob banks because “that’s where the money is.” The same motivation in our digital age makes merchants the new target for financial fraud. Occasionally, lax security by some merchants enables criminals to easily steal and use financial information from payment card transactions and processing systems. It’s a serious problem – more than 234 million records with sensitive information have been breached since January 2005, according to Privacy Rights

Lockbox Provides Efficiency and Savings

With the use of checks continuing to slowly decline each year, businesses are faced with a challenge of how to effectively handle those items as part of their accounts receivable strategy. There are many alternatives businesses can choose from today – Remote Deposit, Electronic Check Conversion at point of sale and back office, and Lockbox.

Living Trusts and Taxes

Perhaps you've read about an estate planning tool called a living trust. It is often recommended to individuals who want their assets to be professionally managed should they become disabled. A properly implemented living trust also avoids probate, which can be a time consuming and expensive process.

Keep Your Head in the Game: Avoiding Mental Errors When You Invest

Fear of making an investment mistake can cause a retirement investor to postpone decisions. For example, an investor may delay switching out of an investment that has consistently underperformed. While the investor is lingering over the decision, the investment may be losing even more value. If you determine that an investment no longer fits in with your game plan, the sooner you make the substitution, the better.

Investing Mistakes: Even an Old Pro Can Land in the Rough

Your favorite golfer on the PGA Tour typically has scores so low they seem impossible. But suddenly, he begins undershooting greens and misjudging putts and doesn’t even come close to breaking par. He isn’t sure why his game is off, but he knows his fairway flubs could thwart his future goals.

Hold Steady! Don't Let the Markets Throw You Off Course

Are you feeling a little queasy about market ups and downs? Who isn’t! While there’s no magic bullet, there are things you can do to help calm your nerves and cope with volatility.

Cyberfraud: 12 Ways To Defend Your Company

Defend Your Company Against Cyberfraud With These 12 Tips

Below are some recommended best practices you should strongly consider implementing to help protect your business in the online banking environment, thus mitigating the opportunity for loss of funds and the compromising of online banking log-on credentials. This is not an exhaustive list of best practices and you should consult with your own internal IT personnel or engage a reputable IT consultant to better understand your security options.