Internet Explorer Patch Release, Friday, September 21

September 21, 2012

Internet Explorer Patch being released by Microsoft today, Friday, September 21

You may have seen or heard in the news that a flaw in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser was announced this week by a research firm.  This flaw is a vulnerability that would let malware use a flash animation to bypass security measures and allow a hacker to remotely execute code on your computer.  It would attack when a user of the browser visits a vulnerable website.  You would not know a website is vulnerable as this would occur in the background.  This flaw affects versions 6, 7, 8 and 9 of the Internet Explorer browser.

Unfortunately, when research companies make an announcement like this, it informs hackers of the flaw and they begin taking advantage of it before the software company, in this case Microsoft, can release a patch to fix it.

Fortunately, Microsoft has announced that they are releaseing a patch today for their browser that will fix the flaw.  This is considered an out-of-band update as it is being released outside of their normal schedule.  If you are a user of Internet Explorer at your house, be sure to use Windows Update on your home PC/laptop to install this patch.  If you do not already, you can configure Windows Update to automatically install important updates such as this.  To access Windows Update, click on the Start button, click on All Programs and you should see Windows Update listed.  Click on Windows Update and follow the directions.

In addition, be sure to have other normal measures of protection in place on your personal computer such an updated anti-virus program running and a firewall as well as other layers of protection.