Government Programs

We're proud to offer multiple government programs that could help you qualify for a loan, offer down payment assistance, or reduce your interest rate.

FHA Insured Mortgage (Federal Housing Administration)

Because this loan is insured by the government, credit history requirements may be more relaxed and rates may be lower than a traditional mortgage. Down payment requirements are also lower than a traditional loan.

  • 3.5% minimum down payment
  • The seller can assist with closing costs, a portion can be factored into the loan, and down payment money can be gifted by a relative.
  • No income limits
  • Not limited to first-time homebuyers
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Indiana Housing Program Loan

This program offers below-market interest rates to income-eligible first-time homebuyers.

  • As little as 3% down
  • Down payment assistance is provided to families of moderate to lower income levels.
  • More liberal qualification ratios are used than with conventional loans.
  • Fixed rates
  • Ask us about other state programs that might be right for you!
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USDA Rural Housing

This loan is designed to help low- to middle-income households buy, build, or repair homes in rural areas.

  • No down payment required - 100% financing available
  • Flexible qualifying guidelines 
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VA Mortgage (Veterans Administration)

This loan is for eligible veterans and may offer more favorable terms than other loan options.

  • No down payment is needed for qualified veterans, surviving spouses and other military personnel.
  • 100% financing available
  • Seller contributions allowed
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