Get to know First Merchants

Getting to know First Merchants

We will be providing you with a mailed copy of the First Merchants Products and Services booklet to acquaint you with all of our banking, lending and private wealth solutions. Feel free to visit any local First Merchants Bank location, call or email us with any questions. Feel free to download the file for your reference or visit the links below to get more information on the First Merchants Products and Services.

Personal Products and Services:

Business Products and Services:

Private Wealth Products and Services:

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We are committed to providing you with detailed information and support during this transition. If you have questions, please call us at 1.800.205.3464 or visit a banking center near you.

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Will my account number change?
  • No. Be assured that unless you are contacted directly, your account number will remain the same and you will continue to access your account as you do today.

Do I need to assign new agreements for my Treasury Management Services?
  • Yes, these agreements will be sent electronically early November, if you do not receive please check your spam folder or call your Treasury Management Sales Officer.

How can I get the most current information about changes that may impact me?
  • We recommend that you visit the Monroe Bank & Trust or First Merchants Bank website for the most up-to date information.  Additionally, you will receive communications via postal mail and email.  And as always, feel free to talk with any banker at Monroe Bank & Trust.

When can I begin to use First Merchants Bank locations, products and services?
  • We will be communicating exact dates in the coming weeks, however, you can look forward to having access to over 100 First Merchants banking centers, along with expanded product and service offerings in mid-November this year.

    And now, you may use any First Merchants Bank ATM fee free!  For a complete listing of First Merchants ATMs, go to and choose the ATM search drop down.

Should I continue to use my Monroe Bank & Trust checks, online banking, telephone banking, bill payment and Debit/ATM cards?
  • Yes!  Prior to changes in mid-November, your Monroe Bank & Trust checks, online banking, bill payment and Debit/ATM cards will continue to work as usual.  We will be communicating changes to you well in advance.  Be on the lookout for communications from us via email and postal mail.  

If I have deposit accounts at Monroe Bank & Trust and First Merchants Bank with combined totals more than the FDIC insurance limit of $250,000, what is the FDIC insurance impact?
  • If you have deposits at both banks, separate FDIC insurance coverage will apply for six months after the legal merger date to provide you with time to restructure your accounts if necessary.  Please be advised that First Merchants Bank also operates under the trade name First Merchants Private Wealth Advisors.  If you have questions about your deposit insurance, please feel free to visit any Monroe Bank & Trust location or call the FDIC directly at 1-877-ASK-FDIC.

Should I continue to make loan payments to Monroe Bank & Trust?
  • Yes.  Please continue to make your same payments to Monroe Bank & Trust as you do today.

Do I need to update direct deposits and automatic payments to avoid disruption?
  • No. You do not need to make any changes to your direct deposits or automatic payments as they will continue without disruption.

Will my account numbers change?
  • No.  Be assured that unless you are contacted directly, your account number will remain the same and you will continue to access your account as you do today.

Will The Monroe Bank & Trust signs change?
  • Yes. The signs will change to First Merchants Bank in mid-November this year.