MONROE BANK & TRUST Business Online Banking, Mobile, and Bill Pay

Business Online Banking, Mobile, and Bill Pay

Some important things to note about the transition to First Merchants Business Online Banking:

  • Changes made to Monroe Bank & Trust Online Banking system after Friday, October 18 were not moved to your new First Merchants Business Online Banking system.
  • Account transaction history: Your Monroe Bank & Trust transaction history through November 8 will not be available in First Merchants Business Online Banking.
  • Business Online Banking Bill Payment: Payees and payments will be transitioned to First Merchants Bill Pay and processed as scheduled.
  • E-bills within Bill Pay: Beginning November 18, re-enroll for e-bills within the First Merchants Bill Pay system.
  • eStatements: Business Online banking users need to re-enroll for eStatements. 

Please make sure to print or download all information you may need in the future. We recommend downloading transaction history as a CSV or Quicken® file.

Business Online Banking Features

Your new First Merchants Business Online Banking system will look a little different than the Monroe Bank & Trust system, but we're sure you'll find your way around quickly. We invite you to visit, where you can learn more about First Merchants Business Online Banking using our quick start guides. Once you are signed into your new Business Online Banking account, an extensive Help section is also available at the bottom left of the screen.

Below are a few specific features of First Merchants Business Online Banking that may interest you.

  • Alerts: First Merchants Business Online Banking offers a variety of email and text alerts. Please make a note of any alerts you have set up in the Monroe Bank & Trust system, so you can re-enter them during the Preview Period.

Wire Customers

For Wire Customers, effective November 11, please use the following information to receive wire transfers to your account:

  • Initiated within the U.S. - Routing Number: 074900657
  • Initiated Outside the U.S. - SWIFT Code: FMECUS33 (US Dollars Only)

On November 11, your new cutoff time for Wires will be:

  • Incoming 6:00 p.m. EST
  • Outgoing 5:00 p.m. EST
  • Foreign 4:30 p.m. EST (US Currency)

ACH Customers

For ACH Customers who upload using a third party system, a new file header and routing number will need to be updated before the first file upload with First Merchants on or after November 11.

If you will be uploading a NACHA file through Business Online Banking, a Transmittal Form must be emailed to our ACH Department each time you upload a file to authenticate it. You will receive these forms before the process changes starts on November 11.

If you require multiple Users to approve/transmit a transaction with the Company Approval Level feature, the final required approver of the transaction will be prompted for Out of Ban Authentication.

On November 11, your new cutoff time for ACH will be 5:00 p.m. EST. The routing number to use starting Monday, November 11 is 074900657.

Remote Deposit Customers

The First Merchants Remote Deposit system uses a separate URL to access the system. You will be receiving login information and install/uninstall directions in future emails.

The new RDC cutoff time will be 6:30 p.m. EST starting Monday, November 11.

Mobile Banking

All Business Online Banking users are enrolled for Mobile Banking. To activate, log in to Business Online Banking and change your password. Then, download the Business Mobile App from the app store and login using the same credentials. Please note: text banking is not available on Business Mobile.