Phone Scam Tactic on the Rise

July 9, 2014

MUNCIE, Ind. - Be aware that the criminals calling your cell phones and home phones are adding a new feature to their attempts to get your information. They are masking the phone number to show your own number; it looks like your phone is calling you.  They are betting that you’ll be more likely  to answer and respond to a call if it is your own phone number if for no other reason other than curiosity.

If you do answer the call, it could be a variety of topics. It could be a computer call asking you to press a button or input information because your card is blocked or it could be a human posing as Microsoft telling you that you have a computer problem that they can fix, or many others. 

The key is to:

  • Don’t answer the phone for unrecognized or your own number, or
  • If you do answer the phone, just hang up and don’t press any of the buttons (even if it says that will remove you from their call list).  If it is a person, just hang up and don’t give them your information.