Multiple Phishing Scam Alerts

November 17, 2011
The OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) has released the following alerts. Both alerts are referring to phishing scams. If you receive these, be assured that they are fraud attempts and should be deleted or destroyed.
The first alert regards a fraudulent website: This website will attempt to install malware on your PC. The legitimate site is When someone clicks the link or tries to access, the malware is installed and then they are redirected to in an effort to trick the person to thinking everything is fine. Any communication that directs you to the fraudulent website should be deleted.
The second alert is regarding a physical letter and potential e-mail is being circulated to various financial institutions that purports to be from PNC bank and is a bank comfort letter. The letter is for the benefit of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. The letter references a purported contract with a potential reference number of OZ/NNPC/BLCO/AUG11 relative to Oznomics. This letter or any other document relative to this matter is not a genuine bank document, has not been authorized by PNC Bank, N.A., or any of its affiliates (together or individually, PNC), and is not a legal, valid, or binding obligation of PNC. Destroy the physical letter and delete any electronic communications.