Global Payment, Inc. Breach

April 2, 2012

You may have recently read about the Global Payments, Inc. card breach and have some questions about how this might affect you. Global Payments, Inc. is a card processor for debit, credit and gift cards. While the full details are yet to be disclosed, what is known is that this company was breached by criminals earlier this year and are working to determine what card information was stolen. First Merchants wants you to be aware that:

  1. First Merchants was not breached, but Global Payments, Inc. was breached. Global Payments, Inc. is one of the large companies that handles card processing for MasterCard and Visa regardless of who issued the cards.
  2. We are aware of the situation with Global Payments, Inc. and the situation is being monitored.
  3. As we become aware of any First Merchants debit cards that are potentially compromised, we will replace them using our normal processes.
  4. Any First Merchants credit cards identified as potentially compromised will be replaced. If you have specific concerns regarding your First Merchants credit card, contact Elan at 1.800.558.3424.

Additionally, any time a large breach like this occurs everyone should be mindful of scams that occur as a result:

  1. Criminals normally begin sending phishing emails and other social engineering schemes such as phone calls, texts and physical letters to attempt to convince you that you were compromised and need to respond and provide them confidential information that they should already have. Do not respond to unsolicited requests for your information.
  2. Closely monitor your accounts on all your credit and debit cards for fraudulent activity. Report suspicious activty to your financial institution or card distributor.
  3. Monitor your free credit reports at to ensure no one is taking credit out in your name.