Latest Fraud Scheme Targets Businesses

June 25, 2014

Be aware that a recent increase has been detected in individuals attempting to gain businesses' bank account information in an effort to commit fraud in the future. These attempts do not necessarily involve Business Online Banking credentials.

Because of this increased activity, we want to remind all of our business clients to remain alert for suspicious activity. These people are likely attempting to gain access to your bank account information with the intent to commit fraud. If you become aware of your accounts becoming compromised, contact your financial institution immediately

We encourage you to implement the following best practices regarding your accounts:

  • Monitor your bank accounts daily
  • Notify your bank immeditately of any concerns or suspicions related to an account or any incidents of suspected identity theft
  • Consider the use of Positive Pay, a check fraud detection solution, or other controls offered by your bank

For more tips on how to prevent fraud, visit the Prevent Fraud page within our Security Center.