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To Convert or Not To Convert?

That is a question you may be contemplating soon due to a change in the tax law. Starting in 2010, anyone with a Traditional IRA will be able to convert it to a Roth IRA, regardless of income or filing status. 

Why Your Choice of Trustee Matters

As you plan for your own and your family’s financial future, you may be considering the creation of a trust. If you decide a trust is needed, either during your lifetime or in your will, you will have to choose a trustee to administer it.

Accounts Receivable Best Practices

It’s important for all businesses, big and small, to take control of their accounts receivable. Properly managing your accounts receivable – the revenue you expect for the goods and services you sell – can boost your cash flow and support your other business efforts, such as staffing and marketing.

Cyberfraud: 12 Ways To Defend Your Company

Some recommended best practices you should strongly consider implementing to help protect your business in the online banking environment, thus mitigating the opportunity for loss of funds and the compromising of online banking log-on credentials.

Lockbox Provides Efficiency and Savings

With the use of checks continuing to slowly decline each year, businesses are faced with a challenge of how to effectively handle those items as part of their accounts receivable strategy. There are many alternatives businesses can choose from today – Remote Deposit, Electronic Check Conversion at point of sale and back office, and Lockbox.

Merchant Processing: Understanding Your Paymentsí Effective Cost

Pricing in the credit card processing industry is very complex and most merchant statements do not make it easy to understand.

Payment Security Standards: What You Need To Know

The 20th century U.S. criminal Willie Sutton was said to rob banks because “that’s where the money is.” The same motivation in our digital age makes merchants the new target for financial fraud.

Reaping the Benefits of Gift Cards

Although Gift Card programs have been used primarily by large retailers, small to mid- sized businesses can benefit from implementing a gift card program.

Seven Ways to Lower Your Payment Processing Costs

Credit card processing is one of the most complex and confusing services businesses buy today. However, this vital payment solution increases in importance each year as more customers use cards to make purchases.

Take The Paper Out of Your Process With Electronic Check Service

Electronic Check Service is an integrated authorization, settlement, and collections solution where a merchant runs checks through magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) readers at the point of sale, returns the paper check to the customer and settles the items via the ACH network.

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