"Our position has always been that we're there for the long term," says Commerce National Bank President Jennifer Griffith.


Business owner and CNB client David DeCapua says, "Commerce took a more personalized approach to our business. They really listened to how our business functions day in and day out."

For The Long Haul

"It's nice to be able to talk to the same people when you call up on the phone," says Bill Jacob of Jacob Group CPAs. "It's nice not to change the relationship every 12 months."

Banking Relationship

Bill Mead of Golf Car Company explains, "Being able to sit down and have that audience, for as long as you want it, to talk about your company, is what I found different at Commerce Bank."

Small-Business Needs

"It takes a unique banker to really understand the needs of a privately owned business," says CNB founder Tom McAuliffe. "They're not there to sell them products; they're there to help solve their problems."